Volume 1: Bonnie Fie Dee

To create Bonnie Fie Dee, each cast member recorded their lines separately in Glasgow, Paris, London, Biggar and Auchmithie on a smartphone. They then sent all the different parts to Nashville where they were assembled into the story. 

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Written by Sandy Thomson (Auchmithie)

Featuring the Poorboy Ensemble

NARRATOR: Robin Laing (Biggar)

RHONA: Ashley Smith (Glasgow)

ARLENE: Elaine Stirrat (Glasgow)

POM POM: Eilidh McCormick (London)

PAW PAW: Brian Ferguson (Glasgow)

SOUND EFFECTS: Frederic Noguer (Paris)

Edited by Jeremiah Reynolds (Nashville)

Bonnie Fie Dee was initially published in Umbrellas of Edinburgh, an anthology by Freight Books. Available Here

Interview with the writer Sandy Thomson

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