How does a young person survive with no access to money, safety and education?  How do you get past the loss of people and places that – to you – were paradise?

BANGARANG is a play with song, spoken word and aerial acrobatics. A riot of rap and rock that tells the story of how Tinkerbell and two of the Lost Boys survive their ejection from Neverland and return to the real world after the death of Peter Pan.  Mourning a lover and a father figure respectively, they find themselves being given definitions they don’t agree with - by society and by each other. Each wanting different things they have to cooperate to survive.  Tinkerbell has a temper. She’s used to getting her way by magic or sulking. Now, she’s no longer sure if she’s magical after all. The Lost Boys have already lost their mothers once, now Wendy is gone too and Tinkerbell isn’t anyone’s Mum. Can they live up to what Pan would do if he were in their shoes? Should they?

BANGARANG is a fiercely loving story about the end of childhood and deciding who you are.

Devising Writer & Director: Sandy Thomson

Cast: Brian Ferguson, Ashley Smith, Jeremiah Reynolds

Development: Anna-Helena McLean

Film: Brian Zimmerman, Calum 'Bob' Weir