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BANGARANG is a riot of rap and rock telling the story of how Tinkerbell and a band of Lost Boys flee Neverland and its unbalanced, despotic leader Peter Pan. The story plays out in two ways: BANGARANG On Stage and BANGARANG The Hunt.

BANGARANG On Stage is a gig theatre event, tumbling in all directions with original live music and aerial performance. A high energy adventure taking a sharp look at current political topics, engaging its teen and twenties audience in an interactive narrative. Imagine a political rally meets a Kendrick Lamar hip hop gig and they run away with the circus. That’s BANGARANG On Stage.

BANGARANG The Hunt allows an epic story to be told across social media platforms, websites and across the city. The Hunt is a narrative set in the Bangarang world that interweaves with the story of Bangarang On Stage. The Hunt addresses propaganda campaigns coming out of Neverland and asks the audience to find clues and join an online community tracing Peter Pan’s lies. On each day of a Bangarang On Stage performance, the story arc of The Hunt syncs, disrupts and questions the On Stage play, creating a lively Reality Game as well as a unique show every single night.

Both stories are told from the point of view of those most damaged by furiously narcissistic leaders. This interactive story tumbles off the stage to involve its teen and twenties audience in the theatre, online and in real life through a fiercely loving story about the end of childhood. 

A new development from Poorboy for the stage and online. Featured at the Federation of Scottish Theatre Early Development Day 2018.
Artistic Director Sandy Thomson discusses the development of the concept for BANGARANG On Stage and BANGARANG The Hunt - the two platforms this epic story rolls out across during a performance run in a city.

Development photos with Poorboy Ensemble

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Devising Writer & Director: Sandy Thomson

Development Ensemble: Brian Ferguson, Ashley Smith, Jeremiah Reynolds

Development: Anna-Helena McLean

Film: Calum 'Bob' Weir

We also made a short film 'BANGARANG: A Fairytale' shot in Nashville, TN. View the page here.