How does a young person survive with no access to money, safety or education? How do you endure the loss of the people and places that made you what and who you are?

BANGARANG is a a riot of rap and rock that tells the story of how Tinkerbell and two of the Lost Boys flee Neverland and its unbalanced, despotic leader Peter Pan.

A gig theatre performance with original live music and aerial performance BANGARANG is a high energy adventure story that takes a sharp look at current political topics from the point of view of those who unexpectedly find themselves acceptable human wreckage.

Development photos

From the damage caused by furiously narcissistic leaders to the experiences of child soldiers and young refugees seeking asylum and a place to call home, this interactive story tumbles off the stage and through the fourth wall to involve its audience in the theatre, online and in real life.Through a combination of live performance, workshops and online Alternative Reality Game content that drives a site specific city wide treasure hunt for the relics of Neverland and social media events challenging the despot Pan, BANGARANG is both a real life and online political adventure as well as a fiercely loving story about the end of childhood and who gets to decide who you are. 

Devising Writer & Director: Sandy Thomson

Development Ensemble: Brian Ferguson, Ashley Smith, Jeremiah Reynolds

Development: Anna-Helena McLean

Film: Calum 'Bob' Weir

We also made a short film 'BANGARANG: A Fairytale' shot in Nashville, TN. View the page here.