More impressive than the show’s singularly ambitious nature is the way it pulls off every expansive trick it attempts with verve and assurance… an unforgettable experience.
— David Pollock, Financial Times

Falling is a blistering, technicolor journey through the tender heart of a lost soul fighting his very own, personal war on terror and learning that Love can transform you.

Like that’s a good thing.

What have you got to prove, man? You know who you are. The dancing girls and psycho rollerbladers are all in your head and rescuing princesses is just a pain in the arse. Leave it alone.
Everybody needs a bad guy, don’t volunteer.

Created in partnership with the Arches, Poorboy’s Falling was the very first production realised through the new National Theatre of Scotland’s Workshop programme. An intimate rollercoaster ride through Glasgow stretching from Queen Street to the Clyde in the company of one of the city's many exiled souls – Lucifer. Part fallen angel, part victimised oldest son; our weary traveler is only one step ahead of his bully boy brothers when love, life and maybe even redemption bumps into him in Queen Street station. The tiny audience never sure whether they are pursuers or prey; Falling careers into waiting rooms, car parks and blacked out vans; onto subway platforms and trains and through pubs, alleys and underpasses before offering us shelter – of a kind – in the corporate boardrooms above the city and the concrete foundations below. An intimate journey of incredible scale.

Written and Directed by Sandy Thomson

Cast: Brian Ferguson, Carmen Pieracinni and the BA Acting RSAMD class of 2008

Sound Design: Ross Ramsay

Music and Score: Ross Ramsay & Pete Cello

Dramaturg: Davey Anderson

Artworks: Lianne

Grafiti: Simon Conlon