BANGARANG: A Fairytale

A short film. Currently touring international festivals.

A CANADA SHORTS Official Selection and Commendation Award Winner

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Fugitives from Neverland, Tinkerbell and Lost Boy Slightly get themselves locked in a rural prison in Tennessee hoping they have escaped the despot Peter Pan. But when Tink realises that the monster chasing them is hiding in all of the darkest corners the fairy from Neverland plans a suicide by cop in an effort to escape the real world.

Shot on location in an abandoned prison in Nashville Tennessee in 1 day. Directed on location by Jeremiah Reynolds with digital direction from Scotland by Sandy Thomson.

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Story By


In a development room with Ashley Smith, Jeremiah Reynolds, Sandy Thomson and Brian Ferguson 

Directed by

Jeremiah Reynolds and Sandy Thomson

Written by

Sandy Thomson and Jeremiah Reynolds


Jeremiah Reynolds

Director of Photography

Brian Zimmerman


Skye Reedy - Tinkerbell

Jennie Greenberry - Voice of Tinkerbell

Jeremiah Reynolds - Slightly

Officers - Richard Reynolds, Lina Reynolds, Montgomery County Deputy Officer


Light Me On Fire: Jordan Reynolds feat: Jeremiah Reynolds

Music Compostion

Jordan Reynolds

Music Mastering

Joshua Reynolds

Sound Design

Jeremiah Reynolds

Color Grading

Josh Alward


Jeremiah Reynolds

Production Assistant

Claire Williamson

Special Thanks to Sheriff John S. Fuson, Assistant Chief Deputy Doug Tackett, Sandra Brandon and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Based on the characters from the story Peter Pan by JM Barrie