A show that fairly lifts the hairs on the back of the neck, so great is its emotional courage, its dramatic power, and its overwhelming sense of a hidden history, told at last.
— Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman ★★★★★

Learning the Rules of Chinese Whispers stimulates all the senses, using everything from cakes to Chanel No.5. The play explores love, sex and family relationships in a visceral and immediate production that leaves audience breathless, touched, troubled and writhing with the embarrassment of recognition.

The past has always been as real to Agnes as her daily routine but as she develops dementia her family must look itself in the eye as they accept the new roles it brings them with varying degrees of success and good grace. Taking liberties and poking fun, they cook, clean and everything else that passes for love, as the space between fact and opinion gets worn away to nothing.

Voices…smells…music…dressing up and going out. This colourful performance sweeps between the public and hidden spaces on the streets of St. Andrews, rattling its jewellery with pawky good humour at the stories that hide in the corners.  The play asks how we remember what we remember as music weaves through soundscapes that use recordings of real voices describing memories of families, food, homes and holidays throughout a stimulating and evocative performance that moves in and out buildings and public streets.

Written by: Jan Natanson 

Director: Sandy Thomson

Music and Sound Design: Alex Attwood, Kenny McALpine

Cast: Sarah Crab, Sharon Devine, Kim

Object Design: Jan Davies

With Support from The Crawford Arts Centre