Blood and Roses will be visiting towns, cities and festivals across the world. 

Blood and Roses is an adaptable, site-sympathetic piece presented either as a promenade visiting 3 or 4 sites (a devotional space, a pub or café, an indoor and an outdoor space) or within a single room.

Technical Specification Blood and Roses

There are a number of options when presenting the piece, the most standard being:

  1. A generic version suitable for presentation within a single room.  This is the simplest, most immediately available and most cost effective version for the promoter
  2. A re-edited version produced by Poorboy (additional costs to the promoter for re-editing)
  3. A newly recorded translation in a new language produced by the promoter

Poorboy provides:

  • MP3 files of the piece
  • Online access to downloadable original artworks and programme artwork for one or more spaces
  • Consultation on the most effective way of presenting the piece

Promoter provides:

  • MP3 players and headphones to Poorboy specifications - usually Walkman 1GB or iPod Shuffle 1GB (approx £25 - £30) and mid range headphones (approx £10).  Promoter may obtain players and headphones through sponsorship and number of players depends on projected audience numbers and whether the show is presented to individual audience members or in groups of up to 20.
  • Travel, per diems and accommodation for up to two visits by one person.  One visit being a research/site visit and the other to supervise final set-up.  The visits are normally undertaken by Poorboy’s Artistic Director.
  • Onsite staffing for set up and daily running of the piece.  This is normally covered by the internal staff at a festival or venue if they are a co-presenter.
  • Copying or downloading/printing of poster and photograph artworks and installation in spaces
  • Copy of programmes and creation/copy of map (if chosen presentation format of the piece requires one)