Wind, Rain, Snow and the Never Ending Cyclists

Hiya folks! It's Christy here, the “Robin” to Sandy’s “Batman”.

 Yesterday saw us all don the thermals, hitch up the rucksacks and head out into the nitty gritty of Glasgow for the photo-shoot of To Kill a Kelpie; we braved rain, Scottish sunshine, snow, bitter winds, and grotty back alleyways.  Thank goodness for anti-bacterial wipes, we all needed hosed down after one alley in particular. After that it was doon to the river where we were bombarded with forty cyclists a minute and Sandy almost got blown off into the sun holding the light diffuser.  True, from a distance it would have made for an interesting looking kite but we tend to prefer our Artistic Director in land based form. Then it was off up the Necropolis to partake in a bit of kilt indulgence.  Even though the wind blew fair brisk we had a mighty fine time and the views from the top are just incredible. Oh, and the police might have turned up at one point....not guilty!

See below for photos from behind the scenes of the shennanigans.

"To Kill A Kelpie" by Matthew McVarish. Directed by Sandy Thomson. A Poorboy theatre production co-produced with Stop The Silence: Stop Childhood Sexual Abuse, Inc. Supported by Creative Scotland. In association with The Moira Anderson Foundation