Hud' Oan Tae Yer Socks Glasgow!

What’s that? You want us to what....Oh right. Okay then, let us just find the wellies, umbrella, thermos flasks, sandwiches, camera and what was the other thing we needed again? Oh yes!

The actors.

Buckle in Glasgow, Poorboy will be rocking up this Sunday to get snaps of our forth coming NY production of To Kill A Kelpie in and around the city centre. Rehearsals begin in about two weeks time with an Open Dress planned, more details on that soon. We’ll be out and about posing around the Merchant City (albeit minus a traffic-cone-on-head) you’ll find us lurking doon dark alleys, bouncing around the bonny bits and frolicking in the no so bonny bits of the ancient pulsing heart of the city.

We’re hoping it’s good weather because they haven’t started producing water proof cameras yet. Currently deciding on what’s most practical to be wearing, probably jeans and waterproof jackets. Or maybe, the boys might be donning attire of the kilt variety.... who knows?

By Matthew McVarish. Directed by Sandy Thomson. A Poorboy theatre production co-produced with Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. Supported by Creative Scotland. In association with The Moira Anderson Foundation