To Kill A Kelpie Trailer

Kelpie – a supernatural being that takes the form of a horse. From Scottish folklore it is said to dwell in the lochs harbouring a desire to drown any mortal that comes close enough. Their uncle told them there was one in the loch outside the cottage, and if they ever told anyone what he did, he would feed them to it. They were just wee boys. Twins Dubhghall and Fionnghall have never talked about what happened back then. Both handled the memories in their own ways. Brought together to sort out the cottage after the death of their uncle, the past looks likely to remain dormant but monsters whether real or imagined have a way of never lying truly dormant, even with the passage of time. By Matthew McVarish. The New York Production Directed by Sandy Thomson. In New York, a Poorboy theatre production co-produced with Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. Supported by Creative Scotland. In association with The Moira Anderson Foundation.