Friends the World Over

Theatre: the collaborative discipline that puts the art in heart; and Poorboy knows some truly amazing people.

Tucked away from the sun in a rehearsal room in Glasgow two actors continue to push the boundaries of what is possible whilst being ablely directed. (Matthew McVarish, Allan Lindsay, Sandy Thomson).

On the Welsh/English border we've got a composer writing heart breaking music; bending the notes of instruments in ways they shouldn't be bent and sending them in directions with epic skill in order to get the sound of mythological creatures (Alex Attwood)

In a tiny village on the east coast of Scotland sewing machines can be heard going six to the dozen as a Tailoress with such skill she makes Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood look like bumbling rookies as she constructs a fabric creation worthy of such titles as "Eighth Wonder of the World" and "Design of the Millenia" (Violet Thomson)

Whilst in the Scottish heartland the creative with a solar system in her brain waits patiently for the arrival of the To Kill A Kelpie cast and directors visa's to arrive whilst immersing herself in the wisdom of Stanislavsky, and constructing project plans with nation wide collaborative creative connection intentions (Christy Johansen)

Across the pond in New York our Production Manager is hunting down Scotland's native orange concoction in the only outlet in NYC to stock and sell Irn Bru whilst beging zoned in on her design briefs (Lauren Brown)

Then in Maryland there are two people master minding the marketing campaign whilst simultaneously keeping the wheels on the whole production wagon (Pamela Pine, Jacob Wilkins)

Also in New York our Understudy is working around the clock learning lines and blocking whilst at the same time training to run a road race this Sunday; an opportunity which he has stressed shall be utilised for an uninterrupted line run (Jeremiah Reynolds)

In Carcathon there is a tri-lingual translator running words by people finding out what Scottish accent can travel internationally; in London part of the cast of Mamma Mia! are chasing up their New York counterparts to make sure that they don't miss To Kill A Kelpie in New York; and in Toronto, Canada friends of Poorboy are currently arranging their travel to support the production in NYC.

The world may be a big old place with over 7 billion people living in it; but it is a sure fire fact that Theatre is a global village

- C