Running In A Kilt (does not get you to Scotland)

The creative inside me gets very excited at the prospect of wearing lots of hats. The metaphoric type - although lately I have taken a liking to the very cliche but still quite cool Yankees cap. The other less iconic hats I've been wearing say things like 'Graphic Designer wanna be' 'Film Editor Enthusiast' 'Most Improved Photoshop User' and 'Destroyer of M&Ms'. Some of these I have gotten to wear for the first time, finding out whether they suit my slightly bumpy head, while others have a nice worn in fit. The past month I have gotten to spend time in Nashville with my family while prepping for the three month adventure in Scotland that was supposed to start yesterday. Well the adventure I guess you could say certainly started, just not nearly with the sort of gusto I expected. I had 24 hours in NY to terrorize gift shops and Apple stores collecting all the wires and postcards and I heart NY shirts my bags could hold. (side note: in my haste I managed to get shirts that don't actually say 'I heart NY' they actually say 'I 'big apple image' NY... same thing right?) Even with an additional print deadline overhead I managed to collect all of my prizes and ship off the files to various parts of the world. I felt a bit like Jack Bauer on an off day, still pretty epic, just domestically epic. Having accomplished this balancing act of various hats on my head, I failed to remember to place an additional hat on top... The 'NY Transport is out to get you' hat. Gnarled old helmet in bright orange plastered in warning signs. This hat is essential if you ever want to be anywhere on time in NY. Don't ever leave home without it... I did.

It was about 30 minutes into waiting for the A train I was transferring to that would take me to JFK airport, sweat dripping down my back from overbearing bags and lack of any type of permissible breathing air, that I remembered that the NY public transport system, although in theory excellent, hardly ever does you any favors. A cramped ride followed by a mad dash through what is an unnecessarily wide airport terminal meant that I reached the check in counter 5 minutes too late. The gates were shut. Cue battle cry music and a passionate scream towards the heavens in slow motion (Create epic moments hat).

So I am still in NY, hoping to catch a flight on standby today, or tomorrow, and meanwhile trying to finish off the jobs that the other hats are still demanding be done.  I keep a family mantra in my head 'It's all good'. Because it is really. Soon enough I'll be headed to Scotland to spend 3 months working on a piece that I have been blessed enough to co-write, co-produce, design print for, direct and edit film for, and eventually even act in. I can't thank everyone who has supported us along the way enough for helping this be a reality and getting me out of the NY summer sun for a few months and back to the wind rain and familiar faces that I am very fond of. Here's to adventures, because they wouldn't be very adventurous if you could predict what was happening next...