Long live love: Audience responses to Pirates and Mermaids

The brilliant and scary thing about creating a play is that you get to be there with your audience, in person, when they are taking part in the work you've made. You can, as it were, see the whites of their eyes (if it's that kind of play). Here are some of the things that audience members have said about Pirates and Mermaids. There's a lotta love going on so get ready to scroll.....and scroll....and scroll!

The actor’s warmth and incredible ability as a storyteller immediately draws you in


In an age where meaningless, fleeting or shallow connection is so normal…. I think the show is exquisitely relevant


…a show with a big heart and a warm sense of humour. But it was more than that and each time I thought I knew where the story was going it took me somewhere else


An intimate and very personal piece of theatre. It's captivating


…confident and kind in his storytelling. He looked us in the eye and he told us his story


A beautiful, honest story about young love and life changing decisions


The central performance was beautiful


Wonderfully written


The show underlines what real love and connection is without being sentimental


I became so involved in the character's story that when he told us of his heartbreak I reached across the table to comfort him.


renewed my faith in people


…loved when he sends/writes the email, breaking up with his girlfriend. After everything he had said it was the worst thing he could possibly be doing. By this point I was lost in the story and I almost shouted 'don't send it!'.


I really liked writing the postcard….. It inspired emotion in me in regards to my own life


….bolstering, hopeful, real and warming without being sentimental


…absolutely loved the show


One of the most beautiful stories I have heard


It nipped into unseen side alleys and beckoned me to follow; to keep up. And I did. I didn't want to let it out of my sight for a minute in case I missed something.


…the inclusion of photos is so important - it really gives a sense of them together


..genuinely inspired me to try harder with some of my personal relationship in life. I questioned whether I took loved ones for granted…


…one of those shows that makes you question your own life


The interactive stuff was fantastic. The postcards/photo sharing was so personal and acted as chance to bond with the character

I'm sure I said I'd meet the audience here...

…loved the interactive elements


….a sense of rootedness, cultural and national identity that was all so intertwined with their relationship


The photograph sharing via our phones was lovely. It was very clever to introduce another character from a picture on an iPhone


Simply wonderful


I adored this piece!


That idea of shared history makes their relationship feel so beautifully solid....


Loved it! I felt part of it all, it was so much fun


The actor who plays Cameron was so entertaining and a joy to watch.


It made me laugh, cry and think about my own situation


I loved the voice mail from Eilidh saying that she's there. I nearly jumped up and ran to meet her myself!


I was captivated


..the interactive elements allow the audience to feel beyond involved in the relationship: I actually felt hugely invested in it


The story was universal. Anyone could relate


…he seems so dreadfully alone and vulnerable


So immediate!


It made me almost cry! But left me feeling inspired


I remember my heart being in my mouth and feeling it might burst at the same time!


Beautiful, beautiful piece

Kind of humbling really. So thank you, preview audience members who took the time to write down all these wonderful, heartfelt responses to the show - we think you're fantastic too.

all the best