Playing With Fire

Poorboy's 2nd Annual Firewalk

I loved it. I'm like a different person. - Emily

Just the most amazing experience - Gillis

I walked on fire. I have to keep saying that to remind myself that I really did that! - Sandy

As professional life experience junkies we are thrilled to announce that we are recruiting for our 2nd Annual Firewalk on 21st June 2014 in Callander Scotland. We had an amazing time watching brave soles throw caution to the wind, grab ahold of adventure and give it a - as the Scots say - winch like it's never had before.

Our goal is to raise £8,500 to help Poorboy continue to tour it's award nominated show Pirates and Mermaids. We have had fantastic responses touring the show across Scotland and now we're gearing up for the next trip, New York! We need your help, and we want to have some fun along the way.

Here's the deal. It costs £75 for each person to walk on fire. We would like you to be able to walk for free. We would also like to raise money for our charity. Soooo...

  • Confirm with us that you're walking. Then...
  • We'll help you create a JustGiving Page where you can collect sponsorships
  • Donate £30 into your page to secure your spot on the walk
  • Raise £200 and you get to walk with all the other thrill seeking nutters across a wake of fire. Meaning instead of £75, you only pay £30. What a deal.
  • Raise £300 and we'll give you back your £30 deposit. Meaning you walk for free. What a better deal!
  • Get a friend to fundraise and walk with us and we'll give you back your £30 deposit.
  • Raise over £350 and you'll get a framed photo of you walking across fire in addition to walking for free and having the experience of a lifetime. Way best deal by far ever.

Tell us, are you brave enough to face the fire? Let us know ASAP and start collecting your sponsorships!

Are time and location are making it a wee bit difficult to get to Scotland in June? Consider making a wee donation towards the Pirates and Mermaids adventure. Use the button below or TEXT FRWK14 £(amount) to 70070 (UK only)