Let's Eat

We love food. Everything about it. The way it keeps up our energy, the way it reminds us to stop and take breaks, the way it tastes (sometimes this varies depending on who's cooking, luckily we are very fortunate Poorboys and several people are complete rockstar cooks in the company) and the way it brings people together. Sometimes it's only for a short while and other times for epic long evenings. If you've been along to a Poorboy show you'll have more than likely been fed a wee something. We think that's very important, and not only because a hungry audience is a cranky audience.

This past summer we took our foodie exploration to a new level with our development on a new work with Artlink in Edinburgh. The Angel's Share was a site specific promenade piece through Greyfriars Graveyard and Sandy Bell's Pub designed specially to be inclusive of a partially sighted and blind audience as well as those with glasses, contacts and x-ray vision. While the piece explored a variety of ideas surrounding homelessness, community and friendships, it also spoke a lot about food. We set up a mini food truck in one of our outdoor spaces where the audience were introduced to several different dishes including Mushroom Tapenade, Minted Courgette Salad in a Cucumber Cup and Heaven's Brownies. The goal was to make them not only taste good, but also be free of every major allergen. Several of our company have food allergies that can make life a bit tricky. As a company we want to include as many people into every detail of the experiences we create which sometimes takes some extra investment. All of the food we made was gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, shellfish free and vegan whenever possible. It was an absolutely treat to see our audience enjoy the show as a whole, but also make involuntary 'mmm' noises and big wide chocolate teeth stained smiles.

We have been asked for the recipes and here is the beginning of us trying to make that happen. Jeremiah's Kitchen is a Poorboy endorsed series of food happenings that we are excited about. This mushroom Tapenade featured in the show and we hope to have the other recipes available soon. If you have a recipe that you love please send it to info@poorboy.co.uk and we'll try and get it on Jeremiah's Kitchen for everyone to enjoy. Happy eating!

Jeremiah's Mushroom Tapenade in the Brooklyn kitchen. This recipe was originally used as part of the development show 'Angel's Share' in association with Artlink Edinburgh. Recipe, Film, Edit and Voice by Jeremiah Reynolds. Music by Jordan Kyle Reynolds.