Why in the world would you want to somehow rehearse and perform Hamlet in just 48 hours?!
Because it might be the most exhilarating, liberating, surprising and reaffirming two days you ever spend discovering a play with other actors. It was for me.
— Geoff Pounsett, Toronto

Blast Classics give Shakespeare and Marlowe’s words back to the people they were written for - the actors. Using a 2 day structure from first reading to public performance to vibrant, energetic, performer-centric productions that rediscover the immediacy between actor, audience and words. Liberating and lively for both actors and audience Blast Classics reinvigorate plays we think we know inside and out and remind us that anything written down was a mere single version of a multifaceted, ever changing live experience. 

We’ve created Blasts across the world with established Ensembles and rooms of actors who have never met. Each time is exciting and engaging in a different way. The Hamlet Variorum script was a unique design of both folio and bad quarto versions of the play created by Dr. Toby Malone, Toronto.