Confabulous Articles

Projects can take a long time to put together. Most of the time they take years. Which can feel quite a long time to wait to see a finished product come together on stage or screen.

As an ensemble it's a treat when we all get to work together. Being in separate cities and countries can make things difficult, but we've always made a point to find out how to use that as an asset. 

In an effort to work together more regularly and to create smaller projects more frequently, we created Confabulous Articles. Made up stories. 

We have a writer make a story, either one of the ensemble or an invited guest, and then we email the parts to the actors. In their own cities they record their individual lines on their phone, without knowing how the other lines are being read. Using creative intuition they make their performance choices and then everyone sends them to an editor who puts all the individual pieces together into one story. 

This is our first recording, Bonnie Fie Dee. You can also subscribe via iTunes podcasts. We had a great time making it and we hope you enjoy it and the many more to come. 

If you are interested in submitting a story around 10 minutes to be turned into a Confabulous Article, we are always game for a collaboration. Email us at