Sweet Toothed

This week I have the chance to do a private showing of Pirates and Mermaids for my family and a few friends in Nashville Tennessee. It’s been difficult for my family to see any shows that I have been in seeing as most of them were across a rather large pond and my offers of complimentary tickets didn’t quite bring the price of the trip down far enough to make it possible.  Although they did mange to see a pirate and gypsy interpretation of Much Ado I was in underneath a train station in Glasgow, I’m excited to be able to perform this show for them, who have always been very supportive of my creative adventures.

As excited as I am for the show, it has presented a few issues. One unexpected problem is that I don’t remember all of my lines. You would think after doing 80-odd shows in 3 and a half weeks at the Fringe in August and then two different filming excursions of the show in September with multiple takes would have embedded those words deep into the ‘you’re not going to forget this even if you try’ region of my brain. Evidently that region isn’t as accessible as I would have hoped. So some line running has been happening (and why oh why does my brain see the need to start running lines as my head hits the pillow at the end of the night? Also I should apologize to Nashville traffic as I probably looked slightly odd running the show out loud in my car while on the highway… I’m a professional actor, Officer, nothing to see here…).

In addition to the line learning I have discovered one other issue: the lack of Haribo Star Mix in America. The sweets are essential to the show, especially the ring shaped morsels (after eating hundreds over the Fringe I am in a dark remission). Thus I have been forced to find a replacement for the upcoming show, and I have been auditioning various types of ring shaped treats. The jury is still out on whether the classic ‘Ring Pop’ will make an appearance, being an obvious choice by name and having had such a star studded role in my youth. The only issue is that it is a rather hard candy, and seeing as I have to eat it quickly, I’m afraid my words might get lost while my teeth are clamped together is a sugary seize. Sour Patch kids do a ring version and I’m tempted by the tangy bite, however, too many of those can cause unfortunate stomach cramping and lip puckering that might bring the show to an early finish. Perhaps I can just tie a piece of licorice into a circle or maybe take a healthy route and substitute a pineapple wheel?

Needless to say the decision is paramount towards a successful show. On a side note - after one of the Fringe shows an audience member approached me to show me a photo on his phone of him proposing to his girlfriend (now wife) with a Haribo ring. Sugar crazed folk with a bit of sense for drama think alike. Well done sir. Time is ticking and I reckon there’s a few more sweets that need auditioned, perhaps some need a call back…

- Jeremiah