Pirates and Mermaids: NYC October 2012

Well hello there strangers.

After the success of In A Sma' Room and Blood and Roses at the Merchant City Festival we are delighted to be going back to NYC with the first of our World Voices plays next month.  Pirates and Mermaids will be taking up residence and making itself at home in Central and Prospect Parks before the weather turns chilly before making  a return in the spring. (Well, they tell us winters in New York are kinda chilly).

The first of a suite of plays we are staging across the world as part of our international World Voices projects Pirates and Mermaids examines what distance really means and how much the footprint of place and personal history shapes who we are and what we do.

Like a lot of our work, it's a very human experience - and in this case, it's one involving sweets (candy), a swally (drinks) and an interesting reliance on mobile phones as Cameron and Eilidh navigate the rollercoaster of life, love and personal responsibility across an ocean and eyewatering cultural differences.

Playful in approach and profound in its ambitions the show was Co-written by Sandy Thomson (Playwright Studio Scotland Award Winner) and Jeremiah Reynolds (Poorboy Artistic Associate), the script kicks off an epic story that spans the globe with 6 interlinked but independent plays being produced in 6 different countries over the next 4 years.

We're excited.

We're very excited.

We had such a wonderful time working in New York in April and can't wait to visit both it and our NYC permanent resident Jeremiah. Poorboy's ambassador in the US has done a sterling job of developing and writing the script whilst juggling other festival performances in the City - and running, always and no matter what's happening, running miles and miles in preparation for the New York marathon.  He seems unfazed that he'll be performing Hamlet, yes, in the title role, with us in Toronto as scant week before he opens in Pirates and Mermaids in NYC.

For details of the show email or call us (see Contact).  And we'll see you soon!